Source: New York State Assembly

On March 24, the New York State Assembly version of the state budget did not include the 25 cents per $100 in gross seed sales fee originally outlined in the governor's proposal.

This particular legislation has been the focus for New York agribusiness since January; however, the victory was short. The Senate immediately put the fee back in their version. ASTA encourages those with seed interests in New York, including downstream customers of the seed industry, to contact the Senate Agricultural Committee leadership to convey the detrimental effect of this fee.

The proposed fee is unnecessary and burdensome and would be an onerous levy on New York State agricultural producers. The fee provides no additional benefit for New York agricultural industries. The added fee stresses the business community and the consumer in this tough economic period. The seed industry must be very outspoken on this issue, or the fee could quite easily become a reality. For more information, please contact ASTA Director of State Affairs Pat Miller.

For contact information for New York Senate Agriculture Committee leadership, click here.