Source: North Dakota State University

A new video has been developed to help scouting for glyphosate-resistant weeds. Jeff Stachler, North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota Extension agronomist for sugar beet weed science, created the video, which has two versions.

"Glyphosate resistance is very different, compared with resistance to ALS (acetolactate synthase) inhibiting (Group 2), ACCase (acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase) inhibiting (Group 1) and triazine (Group 5) herbicides, making it difficult to identify," Stachler said. "In addition, education about how to scout for glyphosate or any type of herbicide resistance has been extremely limited or nonexistent in the past. Pictures and text only go so far in explaining how to scout for glyphosate resistance, while a video is an excellent medium for explaining how to do something."

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