Rotam North America, Inc., a U.S. company of the Rotam Group, has announced the registration of Montana 2F agricultural insecticide by the U.S. EPA. Montana contains imidacloprid at 2 pounds active per gallon. Imidacloprid is the same active ingredient found in Admire insecticide. Product will be available in July.*

For grower and applicator convenience, the Montana 2F label includes many traditional foliar uses from the 1.6F imidacloprid label (1.6 lbs. active ingredient per gallon). Rates for 1.6F have been adjusted to the Montana 2F formulation making Montana's versatility unique among imidacloprid 2F brands. "Imidacloprid has long been a versatile insecticide with soil and foliar activity," says Rotam Country Manager Tom Chavez. "Rotam is pleased to offer its economical control and broad-spectrum application convenience within a single product."

Montana is registered for use in a variety of fruit, vegetable and row crops including citrus, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, melons, broccoli, lettuce plus potatoes, tobacco and cotton. In most crops it can be applied early in a soil application to the root zone as populations begin to build, and later as a foliar application.

"Rotam is a basic manufacturer of its commercial products including imidacloprid," says Rotam North America President, Alvaro Canizares. "Because of our manufacturing capabilities in synthesis, formulation and packaging, end-users can be sure that Montana is manufactured under high ISO standards and is a reliable, top performing formulation."

Montana works through systemic action to provide long-lasting economic control of multiple insects and is especially effective on whiteflies, aphids, sharpshooters and leafhoppers. It limits insect feeding activity to allow plants to improve tolerance against environmental threats, resulting in healthier plants less susceptible to both the onset and transmission of disease and other environmental challenges.

*Montana not yet registered in California; other state labels are also pending.