Source: Chemtura AgroSolutions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted federal registration to Rimon 0.83EC Insecticide for use on snap and dry beans, low-growing berries, cucurbit vegetables and fruiting vegetables.

Rimon is a broad-spectrum insect growth regulator that provides excellent pest control on a wide variety of worms, beetles and other immature pests including, but not limited to, lygus, whiteflies, thrips, stink bugs and plant bugs. Distributed by Chemtura AgroSolutions, Rimon is also labeled for use on bushberries, head and stem brassica, pome fruits, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and stonefruits (except cherries).

"Rimon is a highly effective tool and a natural fit for IPM programs because of its unique ovicidal activity," said Jim Black, USA East and Seed Enhancement marketing manager. "It's proven to control pest eggs before they hatch as well as larva. It has a long residual on plant tissue and outperforms many of the current insecticide alternatives."

The active ingredient in Rimon is novaluron, a chitin inhibitor that interferes with the development and successful molting of target insects. Rimon is ideal for early applications where the majority of the population is at egg hatch to early instars. The unique mode of action also makes Rimon an effective resistance management tool when used in rotation with other insecticides in an IPM program.

Rimon is rainfast on plant tissue, has a low impact on beneficial insects and does not flare mites or other pests.