Source: Pioneer H-Bred

As agricultural seed selling for the 2009 North America planting season kicks into high gear, preliminary indications suggest superior product performance and enhanced customer service are making a difference for DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred.

"We had a strong seed product line-up in the marketplace in 2008," said James C. Borel, DuPont group vice president.
"The challenging growing season demonstrated the agronomic strengths and overall superiority of our products. But we also had a much expanded sales force helping farmers match products to their specific needs. Harvest results show improved performance by Pioneer 'triple stack' seed corn products and extended leadership in other categories. In soybeans, the Pioneer M Series continued to deliver industry-leading performance and the new Y Series delivered impressive yield advantages as expected.
"The response we are seeing from customers this fall in the form of strong early seed orders has to be attributed to both products and service."

Borel will give an update on 2008 harvest results and the 2009 outlook for the DuPont production agriculture businesses as part of the DuPont 2009 Update webcast Dec. 4 at 10 a.m. EST.

"While we're pleased to see our average competitive yield advantage increase, we know that farmers don't purchase based on averages," Borel said. "Our focus is squarely on helping customers plant the right product on the right acre. In the seed business, that's best for our customers and it's why we expect to grow market share in both corn and soybean seed in 2009."

Initial 2008 corn yield comparisons have Pioneer brand products with a 2.9 bushels per acre yield advantage versus similar competitive products across 13,000 on-farm trials. Pioneer "double stacked" seed corn products are averaging 5.5 bushels per acre better than competitive "double stacks." Pioneer brand hybrids with herbicide tolerance are averaging 7.1 bushels per acre better than competitive hybrids with herbicide tolerance.
On-farm soybean yield trials are showing an overall Pioneer advantage of 1.3 bushels per acre. Key soybean products, which include the new Pioneer Y Series soybeans, are demonstrating as much as a 3.8 bushels advantage over competitors.

Over the past year, Pioneer has expanded its North America sales force with an additional net increase of more than 250 points of sale. At the same time, it launched a number of new products and increased its competitive advantage for both corn and soybeans.