Source: MANA Crop Protection

MANA Crop Protection introduces Pyrimax 3.2SL cotton herbicide for the 2009 season to provide broad-spectrum control of tough weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate.

"Pyrimax can be used pre- or post-emergence, offering over-the-top application flexibility," said Dave Downing, senior marketing manager for MANA. "Pyrimax contains pyrithiobac-sodium, the same active ingredient in Staple herbicide, and is the preferred tank mix partner for MANA's Cotoran 4L herbicide."

Pyrimax stops cell division in targeted weeds and is the answer for several broadleaf weeds that glyphosate no longer controls. It may be applied by ground or aerial application, though aerial is prohibited in Arizona.

Pyrimax is not currently labeled for use in California, but expected in time for the 2010 season.

Pyrimax may be used on a full range of cotton varieties, though caution is urged if Pyrimax is used post-emergence on Pima varieties.

"Pyrimax 3.2SL controls some very rugged weeds, like morningglory, smartweed, jimsonweed, pigweed, prickly sida, spotted spurge, spurred anoda and velvetleaf, as well as several others targeted on the label," Downing said. "It also can be used to suppress lambsquarters, barnyardgrass, fall panicum and giant foxtail. "This is another excellent addition to the MANA cotton portfolio and will provide growers, their consultants and retailers with further value-priced options when building a full weed control program."