Source: Bayer CropScience news release

Peanut growers plagued with Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) have a new in-furrow tool to suppress this disease.

Bayer CropScience received Environmental Protection Agency registration permitting in-furrow applications of Proline fungicide to peanuts in the 2009 season.

"Using Proline at-plant boosts your yield potential," said Randy Myers, Proline product manager. "Suppressing CBR levels gives peanuts stronger pegs that retain more pods during harvest."

Peanut growers can follow an at-plant Proline application with a Provost fungicide block program for even greater protection against CBR. In 27 university trials over multiple years with CBR pressure present, using an in-furrow application of Proline plus a Provost-block program increased yields by an average of more than 400 pounds/acre over using Provost alone.

"Diseases can lower peanut yield potential by literally hundreds or even thousands of pounds," Myers said. "Using a fungicide such as Proline can give growers the opportunity to reclaim more peanuts and more profit."