Source: Precision Laboratories

Precision Laboratories has developed a new aerial adjuvant technology that improves performance of fungicides and their tank mixes and solves many of the problems associated with using crop oil.

Protyx Aerial is an activator adjuvant specifically formulated to enhance a wide range of fungicides, and their tank mixes, when applied aerially. It combines the proven fungicide activation technology of Protyx with phytobland oils, enhancing the deposition of fungicide and insecticide applications, improving tank mix compatibility and preventing downtime from plugged nozzles.

Aerial applicators like John Larson, owner of Friesenborg and Larson Custom Spraying LLC in Buffalo Center, Iowa, find many advantages when using Protyx Aerial compared to using crop oil concentrates.

"Crop oil is tough to work with," Larson said. "It mixes poorly, plugs the spray nozzles and tends to hang in the air, covering the plane and windshield and making it messy and dangerously hard to see."

"Protyx Aerial doesn't linger in the air," said Larson. "It mixes really well, and doesn't plug up the nozzles. Plus, with a low-use rate and the fact that we don't have to handle as much adjuvant, I'm confident that everything we're using isn't going to waste."

Protyx Aerial can be safely used at low water volumes per acre with products such as Headline, Quilt and Stratego.

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