On Oct. 13, the New York Agribusiness Association and the Ag Container Recycling Council will kick off statewide collection of triple rinsed plastic pesticide containers. With the kickoff, New York will join 37 other states that together have recycled more than 100 million pounds of triple rinsed pesticide containers since 1992.

"We are proud of the fact that the recycling of 100 million pounds of HDPE plastic pesticide containers, as opposed to land filling, has resulted in a reduction of nearly 20,000 metric tons of carbon equivalent and we thank all of the Ag chemical retailers, and government officials that have contributed to this achievement," said Al Phalen, Chemtura, representing the 25 ACRC member companies that fund the recycling program. "The support and cooperation of the NYSDEC and NYSABA will make a valuable contribution to the environmental stewardship of New York's agricultural areas."

"NYSABA has been working towards this moment for two long years. As individuals and businesses we have a responsibility to practice environmental stewardship. This is a small beginning that has tremendous growth potential toward that end," said Henry Kuperus, Sales Rep for Stanton Ag Services, and NYSABA Board Member.

A celebration will take place at 10 a.m. at Stanton Ag Services, Marion, N.Y., one of 20 agricultural dealers from across the state that have volunteered to collect, triple-rinse, tag, bag and store their non-refillable high density polyethylene containers for recycling. The ACRC contractor, U.S. Ag Recycling, will grind the containers for recycling. The kickoff will include remarks by local and state dignitaries that have played a role in this model environmental stewardship program.

"This model stewardship program has provided pesticide users with the most environmentally compatible means of disposal for triple rinsed pesticide containers as it saves landfill space and conserves valuable petroleum based resources at the same time," said Ron Perkins, executive director, ACRC.

The New York State Agri-business Association represents the companies and institutions that serve the agricultural industry in New York by providing crop inputs, service, consulting, and research. We are the men and woman who stand behind New York's farmers.

The ACRC, founded in 1992 by manufacturers of crop protection products, fund and manages the collection and recycling of triple rinsed plastic agricultural crop protection, specialty pest control, micronutrient/fertilizer, and/or adjuvant product containers.