Plant Health Care, a leading provider of naturally derived products to the agriculture and landscape industries, announces that it has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Syngenta Crop Protection Inc., to develop and market Plant Health Care's Harpin protein as a foliar spray in combination with Syngenta's herbicide products containing glyphosate. The combined treatment will be suitable for all crops that are tolerant to glyphosate, which is applied on more than 200 million acres worldwide per year.  Syngenta, the world's largest crop protection company, is a leading provider of technologies used to control weeds, pests and disease in crops which include corn (maize), soybeans, canola and cotton.

In trials, Harpin has been shown to significantly increase yields on a variety of crops when applied in combination with other active ingredients including glyphosate and fungicides. Syngenta, after working with various Harpin formulations, will test multiple formulations of Harpin and glyphosate with the intention of offering new combined products as crop treatment options. Financial terms of the agreement are confidential.

The board of Plant Health Care believes that this deal further validates the potential of the company's Harpin technologies in another important application designed to deliver yield increases and plant health benefits.

John Brady, CEO of Plant Health Care, said, "This is Plant Health Care's second landmark agreement for our Harpin technology and is a further step in the commercialization of our technology portfolio. Syngenta is an excellent partner and a major industry player, with whom we will be working closely on the next stages of the Harpin/glyphosate formulation development." 

Harpin is a specific protein that activates a plant's innate ability to protect itself and enhance growth and yield. The technology offers yield improvement, the suppression of pests like nematodes and protection against damaging diseases, as well as additive plant health benefits.

Ken Fister, head, herbicide brand management of Syngenta Crop Protection, said, "As a science-based company, Syngenta is always investigating new ways to help our customers with innovative technologies which help improve crop yield and plant performance. We believe that the Harpin technology could provide those benefits, which we look forward to sharing with growers."

Plant Health Care plc ("PHC") is a leading provider of naturally derived products for plants and soil.  Established in 1995 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PHC currently has approximately 90 employees and has operations in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands.  The Company's ordinary shares have been quoted on the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") of the London Stock Exchange since July 2004 and listed on the Official List of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange ("CISX") in February 2010 (ticker symbol/mnemonic: PHC).

PHC's products are aimed at the agriculture and landscape industries and are environmentally beneficial. Through the commercialization of these products, PHC is capitalizing on current long-term trends toward natural systems and biological products for plant care and soil and water management. For more information, go to

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