Pioneer Hi-Bred's Y Series soybeans earned both a Top 10 selection as 2009 AgProfessional Editor's Choice New Product of the Year Award and the 2009 AgProfessional Readers' Choice New Product of the Year Award. Plaques for each were presented at Pioneer's headquarters in Johnson, Iowa, to Steve Schnebly, Ph.D., senior research manager, crop genetics research and development, and John Muenzenberger, senior business manager, soybean output traits.

AgProfessional magazine's editors annually select 10 products for recognition based on the information and news supplied about those products that come onto the market during each calendar year. The award program was initiated to recognize those companies that do a good job telling their message.

"A company can have a great product, but if its features and benefits aren't explained in a straightforward manner that excites both communicators and customers, then it will not earn attention. Editor's and broadcasters appreciate news that they can translate into informative and educational articles," said Richard Keller, editor of AgProfessional.

The Editors' Choice Award is not based on what a product has already accomplished in industry sales but instead whether it is innovative and has large-scale potential for future sales and impact on the industry.

The Readers' Choice Award is earned through votes cast on the AgProfessional Web site. In spirited voting, the Y Series soybeans earned 57 percent of the votes, which was no small achievement.

Readers' could link to some of the basic information that the editors of AgProfessional received in making their original selection.

The editors have started compiling their list for 2009 and will issue their Top 10 list in the December issue.

"Thank you to all those who voted for the Readers' Choice Award. It is one form of feedback on what we are including in the magazine, on our Web site, in our e-newsletters and over our mobile phone connection," said Keller.

"Additionally, I thanked Pioneer Hi-Bred for attention to telling us what readers wanted to know when I presented their plaques."