Source: CropLife America and Agricultural Retailers Association

A new study linking attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children with pesticides has led to several agribusiness groups speaking out. CropLife America and the Agricultural Retailers Association have released their concerns.

CLA said in a statement this week, "CropLife America understands that ADHD is a serious disorder that affects many families, and fully supports continuous study to help better understand its cause. However, our review of the published journal story in 'Pediatrics,' which makes summary of the study, leads us to believe much more research is needed to ascertain if there is a direct link between exposure to organophosphate pesticides and the development of ADHD in children."

ARA stated it believes that continued research on issues affecting children's health is extremely important. ARA said it will closely monitor and study the issue while recommending that more research be conducted before a conclusion is reached.

See CLA's statement