Transporting equipment such as tractors, backhoes and front loaders is safer and easier with Pequea's T100 and T200 tilt trailers. The decks on these trailers tilt to the ground, eliminating the need for navigating ramps when loading equipment. This is an attractive feature to landowners, farmers and landscapers who regularly haul heavy equipment as it reduces the potential for equipment damage and injury from loading accidents.

The T100 offers an 18-foot tilt deck with a 10-degree load angle, and the T200 provides a 16-foot deck with a 13-degree load angle. Pequea tilt trailers' deck widths are 81 inches between the fenders without interference from the outer frame. Each tilt trailer has a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds and six standard weld-on D-rings that reliably secure the trailer's heavy load. By providing a completely sealed modular wire equipment harness, Pequea eliminates fraying and snapping problems associated with other wiring.

The T100 operates on a hydraulic pump that powers the trailer bed up and down for loading multiple pieces. The pump is contained in the trailer's toolbox and includes 20 feet of cord. The T200's closed hydraulic system is designed to handle loading and unloading equipment weighing up to seven tons. Additionally, all Pequea trailers meet Department of Transportation lighting requirements with flush-mount and sealed lights.

For questions regarding Pequea's line of tilt trailers, please visit to find a dealer near you or call Pequea direct at 866-684-0393.