The California Association of Pest Control Advisers under their "Stanley W. Strew Foundation" has established the Pathway to PCA program to make students aware of the career opportunities in pest and nutrient management areas of agriculture. The program will encourage students to become licensed Pest Control Advisers (PCAs) and provide them resources to reach the goal. A PCA is licensed by the State of California and must meet strict educational requirements and pass an exam to allow them to make pesticide recommendations.

The Pathway to PCA program will employ a full time coordinator to work with and provide resources to educational venues, including high schools, community colleges, and state universities to make instructors and students aware of the opportunities and educational requirements to become a PCA. The program will be overseen by an industry advisory committee that will provide guidance and evaluation of the program.

A capital fund development goal of $250,000 has been embarked upon to fund this program for a three year period. An industry committee has been established to raise the funds and is chaired by: Steve Alexander, Helena Chemical, Les Lyman, The Tremont Group, and Lon Records, Target Specialty Products. "The establishment of this program is critical to addressing the reduction in the number of PCAs that will occur in the near future due to the retirement of baby boomers that have served agriculture over the past few years", said Steve Alexander. Les Lyman also said, "That the industry response to the program has been very positive and generous. It is expected that a funding commitment that will exceed our initial goal will be in place in the very near future."

More information on the program can be obtained from the Stanley W. Strew Educational Fund, 1143 market Blvd, Suite #7, Sacramento, CA 95834 or by contacting Terry Stark at (916)928-1628 Ext 202.