Source: Syngenta press release

Orion herbicide, representing a new class of chemistry for cereal broadleaf weed control, has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency. Available for the 2008 growing season, Orion is registered for use on all types of wheat (including durum) and barley and continues the efforts by Syngenta Crop Protection to deliver quality, top-performing products to the marketplace.

"We continually seek opportunities to provide cereal growers with quality products, and we believe Orion will deliver exceptional value through its performance, weed spectrum and ease of use," said Shawn Potter, herbicide brand manager for Syngenta. "Highly effective against a wide range of yield-robbing broadleaf weeds, Orion simplifies cereals broadleaf weed control."

Active at a single use rate, Orion is an ideal tank-mix partner for Axial XL herbicide to deliver more efficient, one-pass grass and broadleaf weed control. Orion has excellent crop rotation flexibility the following growing season, regardless of moisture levels, and does not need a safener to enhance its crop safety. Orion also offers a wide window of application on crops as it can be applied from the three-leaf stage up to the boot stage in wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale. This gives growers the power to control yield-robbing weeds before significant yield reduction occurs.

"Orion is absorbed by weed foliage and moves through both the xylem and phloem to the meristematic tissues within the weed, stopping its development within hours," said Don Porter, herbicide technical brand manager for Syngenta. "The effective uptake and systemic movement of Orion throughout the weed ensures a complete kill."