By Richard Keller, AgProfessional editor

It is no surprise that finding and hiring qualified employees is a major concern by ag retailers, crop consultants and farm managers. The results of the AgProfessional Web Poll completed as of this week were consistent with how ag businesses report trouble in hiring quality employees.

It also was a poll question that many of you thought was too obvious to even take time to answer; at least that is my interpretation of a lower than normal vote total and no comments at all. The need for qualified employees has been well documents over the last few years. Finding and hiring qualified employees received 53.8 percent of the vote to the question: "What human resources issue is the most challenging for your business?"

In a distant second place was 26.9 percent worried about providing health insurance appreciated by employees and in third at 15.4 percent was financials, which relates to all those issues about bonuses, pay incentives, 401K programs and raises.

Take a look at the new Web Poll question for this week and see if it inspires more of a reaction and need for explaining.

What human resources issue is the most challenging for your business?

A) Finding and hiring qualified employees. - 53.8%

B) Conflict management - 3.8%

C) Harassment issues - 0.0%

D) Providing health insurance appreciated by employees - 26.9%

E) Financials (bonuses, 401k, raises) - 15.4%

F) Other - 0.0%

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