Source: Agricultural Retailers Association

The Agricultural Retailers Association reports that Bart Chilton and Carole Jett, two former USDA officials, will head up a team representing President-elect Barack Obama in reviewing current policies and assessing priorities at USDA. Chilton served as deputy chief of staff for Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman before becoming a commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 2007. Jett was associate deputy chief of the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service until last May. Jett also worked as the Farm Bill coordinator for USDA. They will work with David Hayes, a former deputy Interior secretary who oversees energy and natural resources matters and has also worked for USDA. Among the top issues to be examined is the full implementation of the 2008 Farm Bill, including how high to set benchmarks for a review-guarantee program and how to tighten rules on subsidies. Obama has been supportive of agricultural research, science-based decision making, and biofuels.