Source: Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids

Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids Inc., an independently owned hybrid seed corn company in Sheffield, Iowa, has announced the purchase of all commercial soybean seed assets of Latham Seed Co. The purchase includes production and research facilities in Alexander, Iowa, as well as Latham Seed sales operations. Headquartered in Alexander, Iowa, the new company will do business as Latham Hi-Tech Seeds.

"Many people ask why we're staying independent in this era of greater corporate concentration across the seed industry," said John Latham, president of Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids, who assumes the same position with Latham Hi-Tech Seeds. "The answer is simple: Farmers need a strong, independent, family owned seed business in this era of consolidation. We are passionate about helping farmers feed and fuel the world. This can best be achieved through the many high-tech seed options that we can provide as an independent seed company. We also want to help simplify seed purchase decisions and reduce risk through our trademark Seed2Soil program."

As an independent company, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds offers a larger portfolio of traits and products than seed companies that are owned by a trait supplier. For example, the companys corn lineup includes Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids with YieldGard VT Triple, Herculex XTRA, as well as with Agrisure 3000GT. The soybean lineup includes Latham soybeans with the new Roundup Ready 2 Yield, LibertyLink, CystX and Vistive.

"Being independent allows us to see the new technologies coming down the pipe from various trait providers," Latham said. "The good news for our customers is that we can recommend products based on whats best for their given situation, regardless of which company developed it. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds will continue to grow in its role as an independent resource for its farmer-customers, providing options and alternatives to best meet their individual needs."

Latham stated that Latham Hi-Tech Seeds will celebrate the companys past and strong reputation while looking toward the future.

"Our customers will soon begin to see more incentives, more services and greater value enhancements within our seed business," Latham said. "We're committed to getting even closer to our customers and guiding them through the maze of technologies and traits that make farming an exciting and demanding business."