Source: Onset Computer Corp.

Onset Computer Corp., the HOBO data logger company, announced the HOBOnode Series, a family of research-grade, wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring.

HOBOnode sensors can transmit high-accuracy air temperature and soil moisture data to a PC several miles away without cables. Accompanying software displays real-time graphs of environmental conditions, and can provide alarm notifications via text messaging and email when conditions exceed set thresholds.

"With the new HOBOnode sensors, we're combining the ease-of-use and reliability HOBO data loggers are known for, with the convenience of wireless," said Paul Gannett, product marketing manager for Onset. "HOBOnode wireless sensors save time by transmitting data directly to the user's PC, as well as providing real-time monitoring and alarms."

HOBOnode sensors offer a number of features to help simplify deployment. For example, their compact design (roughly the size of a small flashlight) allows for easy sensor installation in nearly any type of field location. Additionally, HOBOnodes feature integrated, solar-rechargeable batteries so they can run for years without having to replace batteries.

Depending on the number of data points required, up to 50 HOBOnode sensors can be used in a network. Sensors can be easily added to a HOBOnode network when additional data points are needed. All environmental data is transmitted directly to a HOBOnode receiver, which interfaces with a PC via a USB cable. HOBOnode sensors have a 1400 ft. line-of-site transmission range, which can be extended to several miles with optional HOBOnode repeaters.