Source: University of Arkansas

Soybean vein necrosis is a newly identified viral disease in soybean fields that has the potential to reduce yields, according to Ioannis "Yannis" Tzanetakis, assistant professor of plant pathology in the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

"We have found the virus in soybean fields throughout Arkansas and other states," Tzanetakis said. He is leader of a project funded by the Arkansas Soybean Research and Promotion Board to learn more about the virus and develop management practices.

Many viruses infect soybean plants; some cause yield loss and affect seed quality while others do little or no economic damage. In some cases, a virus or combination of viruses and/or other plant pathogens can overwhelm a plant's defenses and cause significant damage, Tzanetakis said. He is studying the possible interaction of soybean vein necrosis virus with soybean mosaic virus and bean pod mottle virus, the two most important soybean viruses in the U.S. and Arkansas.

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