Source: Syngenta Seeds news release

Syngenta Seeds Inc. has introduced six new grain sorghum hybrids, which will be sold by the Garst, Golden Harvest and NK Seeds dealer organizations. These new hybrids offer growers additional choices to improve yield performance under various growing conditions and soil types.

"We've bred sorghum hybrids that will succeed in a variety of growing conditions," said Bill Gilbert, sorghum product manager for Syngenta Seeds. "Knowing that we set rigorous standards for our elite genetics breeding program, growers can have confidence in their crop yields with these new hybrids."

These latest Syngenta sorghum grain hybrids represent a new generation of sorghum products from the company's breeding program. They join the company's sorghum portfolio, enabling growers to choose the sorghum hybrid best suited to yield under their farms' specific growing conditions and requirements.

The new Syngenta hybrids provide growers maturity options with days to mid-bloom ranging from 62 to 73 days. Agronomic characteristics include "excellent standability, disease resistance and the ability to produce on all soil types to help growers maximize yield," the company said.