Source: Direct Enterprises, Inc. via

A new, independent study confirms the benefits of soybean seed treatments showing an average yield increase of 3.5 bushels per acre in treated soybeans versus untreated test plots. Conducted by Direct Enterprises Inc., an independent provider of agricultural products and services, the study compared tests of seed treatments with insecticide and fungicide across 10 Midwestern states.

Across the 10-state region, the study's top two seed treatment packages were CruiserMaxx + Apron XL, which averaged 59.3 bushels per acre and Rancona + MetaStart + Macho 600 ST, which averaged 58.6 bushel per acre versus the untreated test average of 53.3 bushels per acre. Other seed protection packages tested in the study include: ApronMaxx RFC + Apron XL, Rancona + MetaStar ST, Trilex 2000 + Allegiance FL and Trilex 2000 + Allegiance FL + Gaucho 600 ST.

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