Source: University of Illinois

Illinois producers should be alert for the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), according to Mike Gray, University of Illinois. This species has been reported in many states, including Illinois, and is considered a potential pest of some species of shade and fruit trees, vegetables, and legumes (including soybeans).

On July 12, Patricia Stoller, a teaching associate in the Department of Crop Sciences, sent Gray a photograph of a stink bug she saw just south of Champaign, near the Cruse Farm. The stink bug looks very similar to a red shouldered stink bug, but the species could not be confirmed because they didn't have the actual specimen and couldn't observe its ventral (lower) surface.

Nonetheless, Gray encourages producers to be vigilant and report any stink bug species that resembles the red shouldered, red banded or marmorated stink bug in their soybean fields this summer. Suspicious stink bugs should be reported to Kelly Estes, State Survey Coordinator, Illinois Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Program (217-333-1005); or send an e-mail to

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