Expanding farm sizes, intricate record-keeping requirements and complex input decisions all make increasing demands on the one finite resource shared by soybean growers: time.

So the Trilex 6000 Soybean System from Bayer CropScience-new for the 2008 season-can help growers manage part of the time puzzle: researching and deciding seed-applied soybean inputs.

Trilex 6000 Soybean System combines the technologies of Trilex, Yield Shield and Allegiance seed-applied fungicides; Celgard; Gaucho seed-applied insecticide; and Pro-Ized Red Colorant in one seed treatment. These products combine to protect against detrimental insects and fungi including overwintering bean leaf beetle, soybean aphids, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium and early season Phytophthora.

"Soybeans were once considered an easy crop to grow," explains Louis Holloway, Bayer CropScience product development manager. "Plant, spray your postemergence herbicide and harvest."

But soybean production isn't as simple as once thought. According to the University of Illinois, seed treatments can pay if planting early, planting no-till ground, there is a history of insect pressure or the seed is expensive.

Trilex 6000 Soybean System has been shown to increase soybean yields. A series of Midwest university yield trials conducted in 2006 found soybeans treated with Trilex 6000 Soybean System delivered an average yield 13 percent higher than untreated soybeans.

"The benefits of the Trilex 6000 Soybean System can be attributed to the unique combination of traditional chemistry, biological activity and seed enhancements in a single seed-applied package," Holloway says. "No other company can match the seed-applied portfolio of the Trilex 6000 Soybean System."

Naturally, growers want to maximize yields without further straining their time commitments and would consider additional inputs if they lead to increased yields.

"But it's one more item on an already lengthy list of what growers need to research when making the yearly planting decisions," Holloway concluded. "The Trilex 6000 Soybean System helps simplify their soybean input decisions by providing custom matched solutions into a single system"