Source: Syngenta Seedcare

Syngenta Seedcare announced that Maxim Quattro seed treatment fungicide has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Maxim Quattro, a four-way formulation, will build upon a proven portfolio of corn seed treatments by combining the active ingredients of Apron XL (mefenoxam), Maxim 4FS (fludioxonil) and Dynasty (azoxystrobin) seed treatment fungicides with thiabendazole, a new active ingredient for seed treatment on corn. This fourth mode of action will broaden the wide spectrum of disease protection already offered by the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio. The new chemistry is systemic and cleans up surface and internal pathogens to produce stronger, healthier plants from day one.

Maxim Quattro will guard against seed- and soil-borne diseases and offer best-in-class protection against a broad spectrum of Fusarium species including, Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium verticilliodides, to help decrease mycotoxin levels. Mycotoxins are a result of a toxic chemical product produced by Fusarium and if left unchecked, can severely diminish crop quality. 

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