Source: Becker Underwood news release

In 2009, U.S. pea and lentil growers can expect even greater performance from Becker Underwood's Nodulator inoculants thanks to a highly productive rhizobia strain that has proven to deliver higher yields in these crops.

In 18 independent third-party trials conducted over the past three years, the new Nodulator formulation increased yields by more than 10 percent compared to peas and lentils treated with the old Nodulator inoculant. In 12 of these independent field trials, peas and lentils treated with the new Nodulator formula out-yielded peas and lentils treated with old Nodulator or Tag Team inoculant by 9.4 and 10 percent, respectively. And in 2008 trials, peas and lentils inoculated with the new Becker Underwood Nodulator formula produced an average 5.3 percent more yield than peas and lentils inoculated with the new Next Generation Tag Team.

"The new rhizobia strain has performed exceptionally well in third-party trials over multiple growing seasons," says Kurt Seevers, Becker Underwood field development specialist. "Any way you look at it, yield increases of 5, 9 and 10 percent aren't just statistically significant, they're very economically significant as well."

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