Source: Becker Underwood

Becker Underwood announced a new lower application rate for its Flo Rite 1127 Concentrate plantability polymer for soybeans when only a fungicide seed treatment is used. The new lower rate — just three-quarters of a fluid ounce per hundredweight of seed — is suggested for use when only a fungicide is applied to the seed. When both a fungicide and insecticide are applied, the company continues to recommend 1½ fluid ounces per hundredweight to ensure excellent plantability as well as adhesion of chemicals to the seed. 

"Seed treaters applying both a fungicide and insecticide to soybean seed prior to planting will need to continue using 1 1/2 fluid ounces per hundredweight," said Stephanie Zumbach, Becker Underwood product manager for seed enhancements. "We recognize some treaters choose to apply only a fungicide. Our testing has shown the new lower three-quarters of a fluid ounce application rate for Flo Rite 1127 Concentrate will still give these treaters and their growers the benefit of controlling dust-off and improving plantability when they apply just a fungicide."

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