New rate recommendations for Headline fungicide have been permitted under a FIFRA section 2(ee) for control of all key diseases in corn. This section 2(ee) under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is in effect in certain states and reduces the application rate of Headline for all corn diseases to 6 to12 oz/A from the previous 9 to12 oz/A rate. Additionally, Eyespot, a significant disease threat in many parts of the Midwest has been included in this section 2(ee).

"After significant testing and field use, BASF has established that applying Headline at the rate of 6 ounces per acre provides the same industry-leading level of disease control as 9 ounces per acre," said Gary Fellows, BASF technical marketing manager. "This section 2(ee) is important because we want retailers and growers to be comfortable making this recommendation and applying Headline at this rate to protect corn from disease threats."

Fellows notes that common rust, southern rust, and gray leaf spot were not included on this section 2(ee) because those diseases were already listed at 6 oz/A on the main Headline label.

BASF has submitted a label change for the Section 3 label to include this lower recommended application rate, but added the section 2(ee) to bridge this season until the equivalent changes to the Section 3 label are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Headline is a strobilurin fungicide that provides broad-spectrum disease control against the major foliar diseases in corn and soybeans, including preventative and residual control of Asian soybean rust. Headline optimizes the health of corn and soybean plants to maximize the potential for increased yields and improved quality.

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