Source: Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS has introduced the new Outback Sts at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., and the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif.

Outback Sts (S touch screen) is the latest addition to the line of situational awareness and data management tools from Outback Guidance. It combines the most popular features of the Outback S2 with the touch screen interface of Outback S3.

Outback Sts' 7-inch, high-resolution color touch screen and electronically integrated Outback Steering Guide uses GPS data and specific job details to provide real time job data and precision guidance. It features a variety of guidance patterns and the ability to set and adjust guidance lines. Outback Sts also boasts an array of job management options, including setting perimeters, dropping mark flags, creating job templates, and recording job-specific notes such as the type of crop, the wind direction and temperature. All this information can be stored on the system internal memory or the data can be transferred via the USB port. All of these features are powered by Crescent, the company's GPS receiver technology. Outback Sts is designed to be expandable and work with a variety of other Outback Guidance products. The functionality of Outback Sts is expanded by Outback eDriveTC GPS assisted steering system, which uses GPS technology to automatically steer the tractor, resulting in more uniform treatments and less waste. Outback Sts also works with Outback AutoMate, an automatic boom control system that monitors and controls individual sprayer sections to minimize overlaps and skips.

"The combination of its simplicity, superior performance, and expandability means the Outback Sts will deliver incredible savings and a quick return on investment to our customers," said Dean Ryerson, Senior Vice President and Chief of Agriculture of Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS will begin shipping Outback Sts in March. Outback Sts comes with a 1-year standard manufacturer's warranty and an optional 3-year Extended Service Program. It will be available through Outback Guidance Centers and through select Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide.