Source: University of Kentucky

It's been about 10 years since John Strang initiated a variety trial for green beans at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. A horticulture extension specialist for the college, Strang said it was a good way to involve several departments and do a thorough analysis on one of the most common veggies.

"This variety trial has really turned into a multi-departmental effort," he said. "We've had folks from horticulture involved obviously, but also from plant pathology and the School of Human Environmental Sciences. We've also had an undergraduate student, Patrick Kelley, working to satisfy degree requirements and get some field experience before going on to teach vocational agriculture at the high school level."

Strang said the main reason for the study was a need to update variety recommendations for commercial vegetable growers. However, home garden growers could probably benefit from the results as well.

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