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Research and Markets has added a new report: "Global Fertilizers Market: Focus on Compound Fertilizers." The report indicates there has been a notable surge in the demand for compound fertilizers in the past few years, mainly as a result of deteriorating soil fertility and increasing demand for organic/green food. Asia accounts for the majority portion of the global NPK capacity with China as the leading regional market. The other main markets include Western Europe, Eurasia and Central Europe.

The demand for compound fertilizer has been particularly influenced by several interrelated and changing factors like population, economic growth, agricultural production, prices and government policies. Industry experts opine that increasing income, urbanization and shifting consumer preferences have collectively altered dietary patterns, particularly in the developing countries. Therefore, improvement of the grain yield has been highly important to meet the rising food demand which is growing as a result of the growing global population. Meanwhile, the improved grain yield will have a positive impact on the market for compound fertilizers.

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