Source: Chromatin Inc.

Chromatin Inc. announced its dual-purpose SweetFuel sorghum hybrids, which combine high yields of both fermentable sugar and biomass per acre. Chromatin's SweetFuel hybrids are ideal for capturing the value of sugars produced in sorghum juice as well as the additional value of the energy stored in biomass or bagasse.

Chromatin's Chief Technology Officer, David Jessen, presented data on SweetFuel hybrids at last week's International Bioenergy and Bioproducts Conference and BioPro Expo in Atlanta. Speaking in a session on Transformative Technologies, Jessen presented data from sorghum field trials and highlighted the opportunity for Chromatin's dual-purpose sorghum hybrids to reduce the cost of renewable energy. "Replacing fossil fuels with an energy crop requires a systems approach," said Jessen. "Our SweetFuel hybrids make it possible to increase bioenergy value by at least two-fold over collecting sugar alone — offering sugars for chemical and fuel processes, and high energy biomass for thermochemical conversions." 

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