Source: MyWay RTK LLC

Recently established by a group of agriculture industry partners, MyWay RTK LLC is introducing the first independent, open-technology RTK (Real Time Kinematic) network engineered for the specific guidance needs of growers using precision farming technologies in their operations. The network is designed to allow users to access the high-accuracy RTK GPS signal without the requirement of using proprietary precision farming hardware or software.

Unlike other traditional RTK systems, MyWay RTK operates using cellular/ internet access allowing users to access the signal up to 25 miles from a base station. The signal eliminates the need to be located within line of sight of the base station as well as other issues related to weather conditions that can affect networks using different technologies. The technology provides a strong signal that can be used for operations that require sub-inch accuracy.

MyWay RTK's open architecture is designed to work with any equipment that uses industry-standard "GPS" protocols. This is especially beneficial to operators using multiple brands of equipment from different manufacturers or those who work with other service providers or custom operators. 

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