Source: Council for Biotechnology Information

The Council for Biotechnology Information will launch a blog dedicated to agricultural biotechnology news and information for the 2009 BIO International Convention May 18-21 in Atlanta.

Leading up to and during the convention, the site will provide information on agricultural-related panels at BIO, interviews with panelists, specifics on their presentations and their contact information.

In addition to covering the panel topics and presenters at the convention, the site will feature "from-the-field" updates on the planting season from Georgia farmers who benefit from the use of agricultural biotechnology.

One of the farmers providing updates, Jimmy Webb, a cotton, corn and peanut farmer from Leary, Georgia, will speak at the convention on the "Plant Biotechnology's Role in Advancing Sustainable Development" panel on Thursday, May 21.

The site will also highlight news stories on agricultural biotechnology that will influence and shape the discussion at the convention.