Source: Arkion Life Sciences news release

Arkion Life Sciences has received Section 18 approvals to market Avipel Corn Seed Treatment in Michigan and Mississippi effective March 1.

The EPA approval means that Mississippi farmers can use Avipel to protect field and sweet corn from marauding blackbirds and grackles. Michigan farmers having problems with Sand Hill Cranes can also use Avipel to protect their corn. Formerly known as Avitec, Avipe is applied to corn seed before planting and stops birds from damaging crops by eating the newly planted seeds.

According to Arkion Life Sciences, the product is non-lethal to birds and has been shown to be highly effective in protecting corn seed from birds in over four years of use in states with particular bird problems such as Mississippi, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Arkion's patented formulations of anthraquinone have been effectively repelling geese with FlightControl Plus and repelling birds from structures through the Airepel Humane Bird Management business.