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New Bastion Development, Inc., a real estate development company exploiting real estate opportunities in Northwest Florida, announced that it has formed NB Regeneration, a wholly-owned subsidiary designed to pursue business opportunities relative to the production of nitrogen fertilizers used in the global agricultural market. Nitrogen fertilizer production has grown more than 2 percent annually for the past decade, and estimates project continued growth of more than 1 percent annually through 2020. In 2008 the global market for nitrogen fertilizers was approximately 100 million tons, and the company aims to construct facilities that will enable it to produce 0.05-1.0 percent of the existing demand. The company had previously announced its objective to expand its base activities from solely real estate development in the Florida Panhandle to a more diverse business approach.

New Bastion believes that it can position itself, with well financed strategic partners, to produce this commodity in such a fashion as to achieve high profit margins while ensuring that its costs remain relatively stable. To this end, the company is in the process of assembling a qualified team of executives to implement its strategy. 

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