Source: Gowan Company LLC

Gowan Company, LLC has reached an agreement with SDS Biotech K.K. to develop, register and exclusively sell benzobicyclon, for the U.S. rice market. Benzobicyclon is a novel rice herbicide, developed and discovered by SDS, which controls sedges, grass and broadleaf weeds in flooded rice. In field studies conducted in the US, benzobicyclon has shown strong activity against sulfonylurea-resistant weeds and long residual control.

Both companies have agreed that Gowan will lead development and registration of benzobicyclon and SDS will supply it to Gowan USA for commercial distribution for the U.S. market. Under this agreement, Gowan, in cooperation with SDS, has started the registration process and initiated an extensive development program. This agreement is an excellent opportunity for both SDS and Gowan Company to provide new herbicide resistance management tools to rice growers in the U.S. Benzobicyclon is an excellent addition to Gowan Company's line of crop protection products.