Source: Natural Industries

Houston-based Natural Industries has added LockDown Biological Herbicide to its growing line of biological controls for the agriculture, horticulture, turf and garden industries. Acquired from Arkansas-based ARI, the new LockDown product controls northern jointvetch, a weed also commonly known as curly indigo which wrecks havoc in rice fields all over the Mid-South.

Natural Industries, the makers of Actinovate AG Biological Fungicide, will manufacture and market LockDown to rice growers in the United States.

"We are excited to add LockDown post-emergent biological herbicide to our microbial product portfolio," said Matt Kowalski, president of Natural Industries. "We will market LockDown in rice for control of northern jointvetch and we hope to add soybeans to the label as well this season."

LockDown contains the microorganism Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f. sp. Aeschynomene, which is sold in a dried granular formulation and works efficiently with Clearfield rice systems and hybrid rice fields. LockDown has been used effectively in the Mid-South the last two years. While before product was hard to come by, this year LockDown will be available to all growers throughout the Mid-South.

"We are working through the established distributor and dealer networks, such as Farmers Supply in Harrisburg, Arkansas," Kowalski said. "Growers and consultants can ask their local dealer about LockDown or they can simply call us for info on the nearest ag retail outlet. We are committed to making LockDown available to all growers who need it for years to come."

LockDown is manufactured by Natural Industries Inc. of Houston. Since 1992, Natural Industries has specialized in developing beneficial microorganisms for use in the commercial horticulture, agriculture and turf industries. Natural Industries' flagship product, Actinovate AG, is a biological fungicide that controls root and foliar diseases in crops. Used in-furrow or as a foliar application, Actinovate AG is used nationwide to control fungal diseases in cotton, corn, soybeans, rice and most major crops.