Mycogen Seeds has added four new sunflower hybrids to its portfolio for 2009, including one with Clearfield resistance. The new Mycogen brand hybrids are proven to perform, providing more oil and higher premiums.

"We are proud to introduce these new hybrids to complement the existing range of sunflower hybrids available for planting in 2009," says John Kalthoff, oil seeds marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds. "Our company is committed to expanding the sunflower hybrid options to continually meet the changing needs of sunflower growers and demands of the oil industry."

New hybrids
A full-season confection sunflower with superior seed size and excellent seed color, 8C451 provides excellent yield potential. Plant health and uniformity make the hybrid well-suited for the in-shell market.

8D481 is a superior full-season NuSun hybrid with excellent hulling properties and oleic values. This medium-height hybrid complements 8D310 as the dehulling product of choice for longer-season markets. Excellent stress resistance is also a key characteristic of this hybrid.

A NuSun version of the popular SF187 hybrid, 8N187 is a medium full-season hybrid with short stature, vigorous seedling growth and rapid canopy development. Providing consistent yields under a wide variety of environmental conditions, this hybrid has an excellent multiyear track record. Excellent opportunities are found in the NuSun oil, birdseed and hulling markets for this hybrid.

The earliest and best oil content hybrid in the Clearfield family at Mycogen Seeds, 8N358CLDM is the first stacked trait CL/DM NuSun hybrid from Mycogen and the DM version of 8N358CL. A mid-season, medium-height hybrid with good drydown characteristics, this hybrid is suited for northern planting areas with shorter growing seasons. There are limited quantities for 2009 planting.

Full selection
"Mycogen brand sunflower hybrids set the industry standard by providing higher premiums and more oil per acre. The full line of Mycogen brand NuSun hybrids is one of the largest in the industry. In fact, our portfolio features the widest range of sunflower hybrids across all markets. Overall, the Mycogen brand 2009 sunflower portfolio includes 16 hybrids with differentiated agronomic characteristics, stacked traits, top yields and excellent oil content.

"We offer the hybrids that meet the needs of sunflower growers today. Whether they specialize in oils, confection or seed, our portfolio includes hybrids that are built to perform. Sunflower growers who specialize in different aspects of the sunflower market can find a sunflower hybrid that meets the needs of their operation in 2009," concludes John Kalthoff, oil seeds marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds.