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The Mosaic Company has reached an agreement that would allow limited mining of the Hardee County Extension of its South Fort Meade phosphate rock mine in Florida. The agreement is with certain environmental groups that brought a lawsuit in federal district court contesting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issuance of a federal wetlands permit for the Hardee County Extension, and follows a July 30, 2010, preliminary injunction by the court that temporarily prevents the Company from relying on the permit. Following the preliminary injunction, the company had indefinitely idled the South Fort Meade mine.

The agreement would allow mining to proceed on approximately 200 acres out of the 10,583 acre Hardee County Extension, for an estimated four month period. The mining permitted by the agreement is the same as the company was seeking in its request for relief to the court in a motion for limited stay of the preliminary injunction. In connection with the settlement, the company agreed not to mine approximately 40 acres of the Hardee County Extension, including 14.3 acres of wetlands, which will be preserved through a conservation easement. 

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