Source: National Association of Wheat Growers

Field to Market is facilitated by the Keystone Center and includes participants from throughout the food chain, from commodity groups to agribusiness to major food companies and environmental groups. The group's core function is to define, measure and document changes in sustainability over time to help the industry be better able to strike a long-term balance between environmental concerns, natural resource concerns and feeding a projected population of nine billion by the year 2050.

Much of the discussion at the meeting last week, and much of the work done by Field to Market, involves complicated scientific and economic data and making choices about how to use it to define success in something as abstract as sustainability.

Producers can find work done so far in a relatively easy-to-use format with the Field to Market Fieldprint Calculator, available online at The calculator requires inputting historical and agronomic data, and ultimately compares information on land use, water use, soil loss, climate impact and energy use on the user's farm to state and national averages. 

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