Source: Mark Loux, Ohio State University

Burcucumber continues to be one of the most difficult weeds to manage in corn. While a number of PRE and POST herbicides have substantial activity on burcucumber, even a well-designed herbicide program can fail to consistently provide adequate end-of-season control. This is primarily due to the weed's ability to emerge well into the growing season and still have time to twine around corn plants and hinder harvest. Late-season emergence varies from year to year based on rainfall patterns and other unknown factors, but when burcucumber emerges in big numbers after POST herbicides have been applied, it can create a mess.

We are in the middle of a two-year study to determine the most effective approach to burcucumber management in corn. While we previously had an idea of the relative effectiveness of various PRE and POST herbicides, we lacked information on how to put together the most effective combinations of herbicides and application timings that could provide the most consistently effective late-season control. There has been little previously published research on management of burcucumber, and none that resulted in the development of an overall effective system for management. 

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