Source: Bayer CropScience

The new Prosaro fungicide from Bayer CropScience has received an updated label approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. With the inclusion of powdery mildew control, the product label continues to demonstrate how Prosaro protects crop quality and maximizes U.S. cereal growers' profit potentials, the company says.

Available for the 2009 growing season, Prosaro provides "the most effective activity available against Fusarium head blight (scab) while controlling the broadest range of important foliar diseases," according to Bayer CropScience.

Among the foliar diseases controlled on wheat are leaf rust, stem rust, Septoria leaf and glume blotch, tan spot and powdery mildew. Barley leaf diseases controlled include net blotch, spot blotch, rusts and scald.

Randy Myers, Bayer CropScience Fungicide Product Manager, said U.S. cereal growers have had significant challenges, especially with scab, over the past decade. Caused by the fungal pathogen Fusarium graminearum, Myers says scab causes reduction in yields, market grade and crop quality. Growers have also battled rust along side other economically damaging leaf diseases.

"Proper disease management is becoming overwhelmingly critical as grain contract specifications for product quality grade become more stringent," Myers said. "The severity of discounts for poor quality is making it necessary to include a fungicide in a crop protection program.

"With control for both head and leaf diseases, Prosaro is a powerful risk management tool," Myers said. "In years with disease pressure, protecting a crop's yield and quality potential, and thereby a grower's profits, is essential. And, Prosaro is proven to reduce deoxynivalenol levels, improving the marketability and value of the grain."

Specific to leaf disease control, Prosaro contains active ingredients that penetrate the leaf and are redistributed throughout the tissues, protecting both upper and lower leaf surfaces. According to Myers, the infection process stops when the pathogen comes in contact with the fungicide. "The curative action of Prosaro halts the spread of leaf diseases to healthy plant tissue, and its residual activity protects the leaf from new infections," he said.

In 2008 Bayer CropScience initiated demonstration field trials across U.S. wheat producing regions