DuPont Executive Vice President Thomas M. Connelly, Jr. told investors today that DuPont is executing its strategy for accelerated growth by capitalizing on the alignment of its scientific innovation with significant market opportunities in agriculture, biofuels, bio-based materials, renewable energy and safety and protection.

"Never before in our history have we seen an opportunity where DuPont innovation is positioned to deliver across so many businesses in such diverse markets," Connelly said. "These are dynamic times when market access and innovation momentum are key to delivering transformative products and technologies."

Connelly reviewed how critical innovation is to increasing global production agriculture and discussed how the DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition business segment is positioned to bringing solutions to farmers around the world. The DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred business is targeting a 40 percent increase in yields from both its soybean and corn seed products in the next 10 years. Those advancements include Accelerated Yield Technology to drive genetic gains in agriculture productivity and Optimum GAT next generation herbicide trait for corn and soybeans. Other pipeline products include transgenic drought tolerance and nitrogen use efficiency traits.

The DuPont Applied BioSciences business has announced significant advancements toward commercialization of the biofuels portfolio this year. "The formation of the DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC joint venture created the world's first, robust and economic integrated solution for cellulosic ethanol conversion," Connelly said.

The joint venture is a $140 million investment over the next three years. The first capital investment is a partnership with the University of Tennessee to construct a pilot plant in Venore, Tenn. Construction of the pilot is expected to begin next month and the facility is expected to be operational in 2009. Scale-up of the technology package for conversion of corn cobs and switchgrass to ethanol will be completed at the pilot facility, allowing for commercial introduction without the need for demonstration scale testing.

"This is an extraordinary time where it is critical that we use our best scientific tools to deliver sustainable and transformative technologies to the global markets in which DuPont operates," Connelly said. "The examples provided today demonstrate some of our biggest near-term growth opportunities, but there are many more including our Safety & Protection business segment and the Photovoltaic Solutions business."

SOURCE: DuPont press release