Source: Iowa Soybean Association and Iowa State University

The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and Iowa State University (ISU) have developed a new resource to help soybean growers recognize and manage weed problems.

The Weed Identification Field Guide includes images and descriptions of 56 broadleaf weeds and 19 grass and grass-like weeds. The 104 page booklet includes tools to aid in accurate weed identification as well as weed lifecycle and herbicide management and stewardship information. It also includes detailed diagrams, including 24 illustrations, and more than 250 high-quality photographs of weeds common to Iowa.

Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University Extension weed scientist, says weeds have historically been and will continue to remain the most economically damaging pest complex that Iowa soybean growers face. "Farmers lose more money due to weeds than any disease complex," Hartzler says. "Therefore, it is critical to recognize weed issues and take measures to mitigate them."

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