Source: University of Illinois

As of July 11, 72 percent of the Illinois corn crop was showing silks, well ahead of normal and on pace with the 2004 and 2007 crops. At this point in 2008 and 2009, silking was well behind what we see this year, and good-to-excellent ratings were similar. We had good corn yields both years, following temperatures cooler than normal after pollination. Temperatures in Illinois in 2010 have been above average in June and about average so far in July. A change to below-normal temperatures is not in the forecast. This of course doesn't mean this can't happen, but it will not happen soon.

After a wet June in nearly all of Illinois, rainfall so far in July ranges from above normal in western Illinois to about normal in much of the state to below normal in parts of eastern Illinois. In some areas that show normal or below-normal rainfall, much has come in the form of thunderstorms, which do not drop rain uniformly. So some places remain dry and others have too much water. 

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