Source: Becker Underwood

Flooding, standing water and cool, wet soil conditions can all have a negative effect on both plant growth and rhizobia bacteria. Recommending the VAULT® HP multi-action soybean treatment system to your customers gives them the opportunity to increase the soybean's nitrogen-fixing ability and the yield potential of every soybean acre. An application of VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL® to soybean seed this spring can help improve nutrient uptake, nodulation and root health. A stronger start in soybean fields can have a significant impact on your customers' bottom lines, as well as on the profitability of your seed treatment business.

Fields that were flooded or had standing water last year, or that could become flooded this spring, may experience a significant reduction in the level of critically important rhizobia. "Waterlogged or flooded fields are particularly vulnerable to rhizobia loss," says Jim Beuerlein, professor emeritus in agronomy extension at The Ohio State University and technical advisor to Becker Underwood. "Flooding or standing water in fields can create an anaerobic soil environment, which can kill most rhizobia in as little as two to five days."

Applying VAULT HP to soybean seed before planting ensures high numbers of the right rhizobia will be present for soybeans to produce more active nitrogen-fixing nodules for more pod-making yield potential. Use of an inoculant product is a best management practice every year, but with today's soybean prices, the results from using the VAULT HP system can mean an even greater return on investment.

Other soil conditions can also have a negative effect on both soybean plant growth and rhizobia bacteria. Cool soil temperatures early in the year can cause a delay in the recognition of both the plant and bacteria signals, and that can cause a delay in nodule formation on roots and nitrogen fixation. Soil pH levels (below 5.5 or above 8.0), low soil organic matter, high soil temperature, compaction levels and even residual pesticides can also affect the numbers and viability of the rhizobia present in the soil.

The triple BioStacked® VAULT HP system pairs a patented biological performance enhancer and high-count rhizobia inoculant with INTEGRAL, an EPA-registered biological fungicide. Collectively, the biological components stimulate rhizobial activity and help extend protection from key soil-borne disease and enhance root health, nodulation and nutrient uptake.

Whether soil conditions are cool, wet or dry, VAULT HP plus INTEGRAL allows your customers to get the most from their soybeans in every field ... every season.

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