Source: IdeaConnection news release

IdeaConnection is hosting its first ever Idea Jam with the aim of increasing crop yields and thereby helping to increase world food supplies.

The best and brightest biologists, chemists, plant scientists, geneticists and other experts are being invited to come together in a one-week online collaborative effort to explore ideas for next generation biotech, genetic and chemical approaches to increasing crop yields.

As well as contributing to a worthy cause, participants will enjoy meeting and working with their peers, and vying for up to $10,000 in cash prizes for the top ideas submitted.

The Jam starts on March 21, 2011, and ends on March 28, 2011, but participants are invited to register now and get their ideas ready to submit the day the Jam opens. Facilitators will also be joining the Jam to guide participants in forming their ideas.

"We hope to create a stimulating atmosphere where lots of breakthrough ideas and innovative approaches can be developed," comments CEO, Scott Wurtele. "Participants can vote ideas up or down, and can comment on and add to ideas, building on each other's knowledge."

The Crop Yield Idea Jam registration information is located here.

Prizes will be announced on the Web site on April 30, 2011.