Source: Monsanto news release

During the first week of February, an Illinois grower received the first delivery of Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans from his Asgrow dealer.

Monsanto's Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans will be introduced on 1 million to 2 million U.S. acres for the 2009 season as part of a controlled commercial release, followed by a large-scale product launch of 5 million to 6 million U.S. acres scheduled for 2010.

Roundup Ready 2 Yield offers farmers the same flexible, dependable weed control and crop safety as first-generation Roundup Ready soybeans, but with higher-yield potential resulting from advanced gene mapping and insertion technology, the company said.

Roundup Ready 2 Yield was developed through extensive gene mapping that allowed Monsanto to identify specific DNA regions in soybeans that have a positive impact on yield. Thanks to advanced insertion and selection technologies, the Roundup Ready 2 Yield gene is situated in one of these high-yield DNA regions.

Observations show higher yield is driven by more beans per pod with Roundup Ready 2 Yield compared to the first-generation technology.