Source: Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS, a manufacturer of advanced GPS products, announced an expansion of its intellectual property portfolio with four new patents. These patents are the latest innovations in the areas of GPS positioning and automated steering.

"Hemisphere GPS has built a reputation for creating optimized solutions, especially with our positioning and machine control products," said Dr. Michael Whitehead, Chief Scientist of Hemisphere GPS. "We are proud that we not only meet the demands of the market, we anticipate future needs while protecting our intellectual property. Our patents are evidence of our commitment to provide customers with precise and innovative technology."

The Satellite Position and Heading Sensor for Vehicle Steering Control patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,400,956) is based on the company's successful and patented Crescent Vector technology used in marine navigation and various precise positioning and attitude determination applications. Multiple antennas are used to provide accurate heading and roll data in addition to position.

The heading and roll information provides accurate and dynamic steering information, even on rough or sloped terrain. The data is provided instantaneously and the quality is sustained over long periods of time.

Alternative methods use inertial components that offer short-term accuracy but drift over time. Sophisticated steering algorithms based on accurate position and attitude from the Crescent Vector technology, along with dynamic calibration techniques that compare the vehicle response with the steering commands, ensure simple operation and precise steering performance.

The technology outlined in the Portable Reference Station for Local Differential GPS Corrections patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,400,294) is currently employed in the popular Outback Guidance BaseLineHD. This portable base station provides differential corrections and requires minimal user setup